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Human success stories


July 30, 2013

a) Problems diagnosed by conventional medicine such as osteoarthritis fibromyalgia when they were not certain about fibromyalgia for about 10 years. Being forced to take anti-inflammation medication all this time.

b ) Chronic Migraines for several years, medicated too.

c) Raynaud’s disease for about 15 years, heartburn, constipation, swelling, bloating caused by medication.

d) Restless Leg Syndrome which prevents sleep without medication.
I started to give her ionic colloidal silver at the end of July 2013. 2 oz in the morning, 1 oz at noon and  2 oz at bedtime . A week after that she had 50% less pain. she has been continuing treatment since that time with increasing satisfaction. I was advised that she would sometimes relapse into physical pain, migraines. She has persisted until today, the pain is gone apart from the restless feeling in her legs. The Raynaud ‘s disease is going to be under control when the cold arrives. She is very satisfied and continues processing .



– Pierrette Lapointe

I use it regularly for ear infections, sinusitis, burns

Hello, I regularly use colloidal silver on that which I used to treat with antibiotics for the last several years. I use it regularly for ear infections, sinusitis, burns. I use 25 ml. in the morning and in the evening from time to time as a prevention measure and then I decided to take colloidal ionic silver 3x per day in doses of 50ml., and after 5 days of infection and all is in order, without side effects, and no antibiotics.

– André Lafleur

I'm a person that has no eardrum and I get repeat infections and I have a problem with sinusitis.

have been using this product for a few months and it is a miracle, I’m a person that has no eardrum and I get repeat infections and I have a problem with sinusitis. I applied colloidal silver, two drops in the ear three times a day and the mouth and voila I am cured, it is great. Do not hesitate, try it. Thank you for letting me know about this little miracle. Gone the doses of antibiotics. My address is the 247 road 275 Frampton G0R1M0 such 418 479-2948

– Monique Yelle

I have been suffering from colds for a month

I have been suffering from colds for a month. I had the chance that my daughter let me know about your product. She had used it to cure a urinary infection in the space of 3 days instead of 9 days with chemical antibiotics. I, in the space of few days, have seen my colds decrease by 80% and I feel much stronger. My immune system has been reinforced. I always keep it in my medicine cabinet. Thank you, help us take care of our health.

– Rolande R. Racine

Animal success stories

My cat, Merlin, was suffering from dermatitis

My big cat, Merlin, was suffering from dermatitis. He had allergies and scratches until he made a terrible sore to the head, neck and legs. He had several wounds. The vet offered me a fairly expensive treatment against allergies without warranty and quite tedious when we know that with an adult cat, you almost have to fight to make him swallow pills every day …

Anyway, I started to apply the ionic colloidal silver, applying it to each of his wounds two times a day. After ten days, they were all healed and the hair was beginning to grow in these areas. He still scratches, but there is no longer any wound and he seems happier and so are we.

I also had problems with anal itching for 3 years due to intestinal amoeba (Blastocystis hominis and Endolimax). I tried antibiotics prescribed by the doctor who did not give any result, the same as all the pest control treatments that health food stores can offer. Initially, each of these treatments seemed to work , but after ten days , the problem got even worse. So I did a regime of ionic colloidal silver. I took a case (12 bottles) of 500 ml at a rate of one bottle per day in 2 divided doses (morning and evening on an empty stomach at bedtime, and then I took 1/2 bottle per day for a few days and the results were superb. It still stings occasionally but very little and not compared to before, and it is PCQ in my day. But, I  gave up too quickly, so I started again and  now I take about 1/ 4 bottle at bedtime or in the morning on an empty stomach to keep a minimum of colloidal silver in my blood and I am sure I will get rid of these stubborn parasites.

For two weeks our female boxer 8 months old had been suffering from a urinary tract infection and by the end of last week his condition had deteriorated to the point of no longer getting about, he remained lying and crying … we even thought about euthanizing him.

AND you got (the little paw, Véronique Savard) this product: IONIC COLLOIDAL SILVER, after only 2 days of treatment my beautiful boxer is back in top form.

I wanted to thank you and say that this magical product is wonderful ….

Thank you so much from all our family. Tasha has been saved.

  • Estelle Dionne

I started using colloidal silver (Animal Silver) for my cats there is a little more than four months

started using colloidal silver (Animal Silver) for my cats there is a little more than four months. I have two cats with chronic diseases cannot be cured but only relieved. Angelino Persian male 10 years has a very severe stomatitis (inflammation of the oral mucosa with tongue ulceration), and small female mixed Persian 9 years also has severe stomatitis and more chronic rhinitis. These two cats needed a cortisone injection every month to reduce their suffering and help them chew their food. My Acupuncturist told me about the colloidal silver that had saved one of her cats reached coryza (hay cats) so I decided to try it because cortisone injections have a very short effect on inflammation mucous, beneficial effect of less than a week. I searched on the Internet a place where I could get my certified and I came across the website of the laboratory Bioargent product. I called to get some information and Mr. Ginestet who is the head of this company has been a source of much useful information. So I placed an order and started using colloidal silver. For Angelino, I just have to spray it in his mouth, I have to put silver in Mini’s food, the one who is a bit more combative. The effects were soon to be felt, especially in Mini who was constantly congested (she had a lot of difficulty breathing) before treatment with colloidal silver. The use of this product was a final attempt before terminating his life which was marked by the suffering of both diseases. I was very impressed by the results. First, Mini can now breathe freely. His nose is not congested with mucus and blood. She sneezes occasionally, but much less than before. The release of his sinuses occurs immediately after taking food that contains colloidal silver. Extreme salivation during chewing solid food is almost nonexistent and Mini has become much more active. Angelino also has a lot of product. He eats with more appetite and has the brightest eyes. It is also more active than before. I certainly do not expect the product to heal their diseases which have been there for several years, but for long-term I can now space out my appointments to the vet and to significantly improve their quality of life . So I highly recommend this product.

For sure, you will be delighted by the results of the colloidal silver and the kindness and patience of Mr. Ginestet who is an infinite source of information …

Annie Bevilacqua