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Water quality

The colloidal silver ions should be prepared with a high quality water (double or triple distillation or deionization). Indeed, if the water used contains too many dissolved solids, the silver ions produced will combine with the solids to form potentially toxic silver salts. In addition, such water has a conductivity too high which leads to the formation of large particles. Tap water, mineral water and even reverse osmosis water are prohibited.

Researchers who have studied the properties and structure of water have even concluded that distilled water was still water and that it was still necessary to prefer a nondenatured water with the deionized water heat .

The quality of the electrodes

The electrodes must also be of a sufficient degree of purity to avoid the formation of ions more or less toxic. The purity  generally recommended is 99.99%.


A simple , but fundamental, indicator to the quality of ionic colloidal silver solution is the colour it has. In fact, it should say the absence of colour, because the best products are perfectly colourless. To the degree that it has more concentration and / or particle size, there appears a certain colour: pale yellow, then gold, brown, red and black. Brown, black and red indicate products of unacceptable quality.

Stability and storage

After a more or less lengthy time, the silver particles eventually lose their electrical charge. To prolong the life of the product, it is good to keep in colourful containers. As well, exposure to light rapidly degrades the solution. Colourful containers (brown or cobalt blue) helps minimize this phenomenon. Some high quality products boast an indefinite life, it remains to be seen, but tests have shown that they are much less sensitive to the above factors and could keep at least a year or two without loss of efficiency.


Suspended particles must be thinner than the cells of our bodies and non-toxic, so they are made only with gold, silver and platinum with 99.99% purety, unlike their byproducts which are toxic.