Colloidal silver is a colorless, odorless liquid solution composed of ultra-pure water and silver ions.

These silver ions (Ag +) are perfectly dissolved in water. They carry a positive electrical charge.

Colloidal silver is a natural trace element recognized for its antimicrobial properties. The INCI defines colloidal silver as “a solution composed of silver particles in water”. This solution must be manufactured by electrolysis in order to obtain the name “colloidal silver”.

The colloidal silver that we sell is 100% natural and does not have the name “organic” because it does not come from organic farming. Indeed, water can not be certified “organic”. The term “colloidal bio” means that our colloidal silver is 100% bio-available, that is 100% assimilable.

NB : Trace elements can only be assimilated by the organism when they are bioavailable. A trace element in the form of a salt (powder, nitrate, citrate, etc.) can not be assimilated by the organism and is stored in it. Our colloidal silver is bio-available therefore assimilable, it is not the case of all the manufacturers or resellers of colloidal silver (colloidal silver difference).