The practical uses of colloidal silver are so numerous that their only limitation seems to be that of the imagination!

Pseudo-Medical Uses

The silver colloids can be introduced into the body in various ways: ingestion, inhalation or topical spraying. In special cases, and only under medical supervision, they can also be administered in intravenous and intramuscular injections, as well as infusions. It can also be used in enemas and douches.


The ionic colloidal silver is usually taken on an empty stomach or without food. However, if taken during a meal, it will promote digestion by preventing misfermentations. If we keep the solution a few minutes in the mouth (sublingual absorption), it passes quickly into the bloodstream.

Inhalation nebulizer

A spray is used to inhale a fine mist of colloidal silver, these tiny droplets reach the alveoli and take the surface of the lung tissue in contact killing pathogens that infect the lungs.

Skin application

Colloidal silver ion has an anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive action. It is very effective for heartburn symptons, symptoms of dermatitis resulting from contact with poisonous substances, like the sap of certain plants and the secretions of certain insects (bees, spiders, ants) … Some users use it on the scalp for dandruff and as a deodorant.


When a strip of gauze is impregnated with colloidal silver, and dried in air, silver particles are absorbed into the fibers of the absorbent bandage. Non-absorbent fibers are of a thin film of metallic silver. Such dressings (this can be a single tape or wide strips of gauze) fight the symptoms of infection and speed up the supposed healing (burns, abrasions, cuts). The dressings can also be applied wet. This will kill the bacteria on an open wound and prevent infection.