We should note that so far no clinical long-term study has been conducted with regard to side effects, the safety or effectiveness of the ionic colloidal silver, but there was never any toxicities reported regarding the use by internal or external voice pure ionic colloidal silver (without silver salts additives or stabilizers). Reference Dose 
 EPA (U.S. Agency for Environmental Protection) established for money oral reference dose and critical oral dose.

The oral reference dose (FDD) is an estimate of the daily exposure limit for the duration of human life (70 years). TWA means without appreciable risk of adverse effects. The DRF was set at 5 mcg (microgram) per kilogram of body weight per day, or 350 mcg for an adult 
 70 kg, which corresponds to the daily intake for 70 years of 35 ml or 7 teaspoons, of ionic colloidal silver 10 ppm. – The critical oral dose is the daily amount not exceeding an estimated 15 mcg / kg, 1.05 mg to 70 kg adult, this would correspond to 105 ml or 7 tablespoons, a solution of ionic colloidal silver 10 ppm (part per 1 million) “.

Side Effects

The argyria (Greek: Argyros money + ia) is the effect most often cited in the medical literature is a condition caused by the ingestion of silver element in the form of dust or silver metal compounds. The most striking symptom of argyria is the color of the skin being blue or gray-blue. The argyria can occur as a generalized argyria or local argyria. Users of pure electro colloidal silver are not affected by this condition, because again all the studies and data on argyria (which we do not quote) refer to salts or silver compounds. No cases of argyria has ever been reported regarding electro isolated and pure colloidal silver.

Also says this about Alexander Schauss argyria …

You should note that we have recently completed an extremely comprehensive review of the scientific literature regarding the safety of silver, especially on the problem of ‘argyria; its unique potential side effects. The amount of silver estimated to cause argyria is 3.8 g per day (either the amount contained in 380 liters of a solution of 10 ppm colloidal silver)! Most cases of argyria reported in the medical literature of the past century involved a chronic intravenous or intramuscular use of preparations mostly contain silver nitrate Other cases concern the application of silver preparations for many months or several years for the treatment of “1 Eye” or vagina. We have not found a single case where oral absorption of ionic colloidal silver manufactured during the past twenty-five years would have caused argyria … About the effectiveness of silver preparations; we have found in the literature of past seventy-five years a considerable amount of documentation showing that a large number of silver compounds can be germicidal agents (antiseptics ) effective against hundreds of pathogenic organisms. However, silver is not listed as an antibiotic … because, by definition, an antibiotic is derived from a living organism.

Digestive interactions

Colloidal silver is apparently able to kill nearly all microorganisms, including the “good gut flora” that your digestive system needs to function properly. I have spoken to hundreds of people who took colloidal silver on a daily basis and did not notice any digestive problems, even after prolonged use. I also talked to two individuals who reported an intestinal problem after taking colloidal silver once. So, in my experience, the destruction of friendly flora is possible, but rare.

There are several strategies to reduce the likelihood of digestive interactions. The easiest way is to place colloidal silver in the mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing. This allows absorption of colloidal silver without passing through the intestinal tract organization. Another strategy is to take smaller doses several times a day with or without food. One way or another, if you find that the friendly flora has been destroyed, you can repopulate them by taking one of the acidophilius- based products available on the market.